EXALTATION ; a company of the style and the product, designers and papermakers, 3 stores in Paris – France, up to 500 models each season.


New Collection

200 people passionate by the style and the product

New Collection

More than ten designers and papermakers

New Collection

up to 500 new and creative models to create each season

New Collection

3 stores and 1 punt forms logistic in Île-de-France, Paris – France

2 collections each year including several styles

  • Sport smart – Tailor
  • Ceremonials


Our office of style is charged to collect the tendencies, to create the collections and to make live the exaltation spirit.

The colours are worked through a specific range of colour. Lend to react quickly and to design new products, one decided to renew itself unceasingly and of launching, in the course of season, of the models perfectly harmonized with the trend of the moment.

To Exaltation, clothing is well cut in matters chosen, always coherent and allowing multiple associations and thus each woman can create a single style. Our catalogue is besides more one outline of tendencies that a list of products available…


To make diversity of the talents a collective talent to the service of the mark. The exaltation culture is founded on the division of the same vision of the mark and a collective enthusiasm…

  • An identity produces strong
  • A great capacity of adaptation to the market
  • A concept marks/innovative distributor

All the branches of industry are animated by the desire for creating clothing increasingly more beautiful and for serving our customers as well as possible.


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